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The Evolution of Mobile Resource Management (MRM)

In just a few short years, workforce mobility has grown from a convenience to a mission-critical corporate enabler. This accelerating growth of mobility is nowhere better illustrated than in the explosion of smartphone and tablet adoption. Unfortunately, however, many of today’s processes and procedures that fall under Mobile Resource Management (MRM) have not kept pace with the latest business requirements and technology advancements in areas such as RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) . This often leads to increased security threat, loss of productivity and a higher total cost of ownership for many organizations. In order for enterprises to maximize their return on mobility, they must step up their management efforts in a way that simultaneously contains their total cost of ownership, ensures mobile data security and improves IT and business productivity.

In the area of Mobile Resource Management (MRM), IDBLUE’s product solutions for the enterprise can be segmented into three major categories:

Field Force Management (FFM) – solutions focused on the
mobile worker

Field Service Automation (FSA) – solutions focused on the
mobile tasks
Field Asset Management (FAM) – solutions focused on the
mobile asset

The common hardware elements in all three major categories are smartphones and tablets – and that’s where IDBLUE comes in, providing Smart RFID Readers for Smartphones and Tablets.

IDBLUE understands the challenges that organizations will face when trying to maximize their return on enterprise mobility. Our line of rugged, Bluetooth stylus readers allows for RFID functionality to be added to virtually any smartphone, tablet or other mobile computing device. This enhanced RFID capability drives additional value via an organizations mobile infrastructure, while lowering total cost of ownership. We do this by enabling your mobile workers to be more productive; by delivering real-time information and automated visibility in-field, and ensuring our solutions are scalable when organizational needs change. These solutions align the people, processes and technology necessary for increased return