IDBLUE Keyboard Wedge for Android

Isn’t it time you re-think mobile RFID?

The IDBLUE Keyboard Wedge for Android is a simple and intuitive application that quickly enables you to start reading tags directly from your Android device. This application installs as an alternative input method and allows you to scan the unique ID of a compliant tag into any application as if you were typing it in directly.

This application requires no extra software purchases and no modification to your existing Android device.

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  • For IDBLUE.HF you can read the unique tag ID of an ISO15693 compliant RFID tag.
  • For IDBLUE.UHF you can read the EPC memory bank of an IDBLUE Approved EPC Gen 2 compliant tag.


IDBLUE Keyboard Wedge for Google AndroidIDBLUE Keyboard Wedge for Google Android


How It Works:

  • Bluetooth Pair with IDBLUE device
    • Under Android Settings > Bluetooth menu, pair with the IDBLUE by searching for Bluetooth devices while the device is in Bluetooth Discovery mode.
  • Activate IDBLUE Input option
    • Under Android Settings > Personal > Language and Input menu, check/activate the “IDBLUE Input” option.
    • See Screenshot #1 above for reference
  • Configure  IDBLUE Input
    • Set “IDBLUE Device” under IDBLUE Input Configuration and select the IDBLUE device under Device Preferences
    • You can also set device properties (like Continuous Scan mode) and pre- and post-text options when scanning.
    • See Screenshot #2 above for reference
  • Switch to IDBLUE Input method
    • When you have the default on-screen keyboard available, you can hold the space-bar to choose input methods – select the IDBLUE Input option.
      • Alternatively, you can set it under Android Settings > Personal > Language and Input menu.
      • See Screenshot #3 above for reference
      • NOTE: Different versions of Android may have a different menu options- please check with your documentation if this does not work on your device.
    • You should now see an IDBLUE bar along the bottom where you can:
      • Tap the left IDBLUE logo to display the IDBLUE Input Settings where you can configure settings and formatting.
      • Tap the center keyboard icon to display the Input Method Settings menu to change back to the regular input keyboard.
      • Tap the right section to connect and disconnect from a device as well as when connected, it will show device battery level.
      • See Screenshot #4 above for reference
  • Connect to the configured IDBLUE device
    • Touch the right section to connect to the preferred device.
    • When connected, the right section of the menu will show the device name and battery level as well as the device emitting a Low-High tone when connected.
  • Scan RFID tag
    • When you scan a tag, it will now display the tag info in the field selected.
  • Switch back to default input method
    • When finished scanning tags, you can switch back to the default input method by tapping the keyboard icon.