Isn’t it time you re-think mobile RFID? 

IDBLUE® understands the challenges that organizations will face when trying to maximize their return on enterprise mobility. Our line of rugged, Bluetooth® stylus readers allows for Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) functionality to be added to your Android or Apple smartphone. Introducing IDBLUE RFID – a simple and intuitive application that quickly enables you to start reading and writing tags directly from your reader, as well as allowing you to set up and configure your IDBLUE reader. This application requires no extra software purchases and no modification to your existing Android device.

Please be advised that this app is intended to be used in conjunction with either an IDBLUE.HF or IDBLUE.UHF RFID reader as well as the sample tag included in your Quick Start Guide supplied with the reader.

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Main Features:

  • Connect Connects to the IDBLUE HF or UHF reader. It will connect with readers paired via Bluetooth.
    • Android: select a paired reader via Bluetooth from the dropdown menu and touch [Connect].
    • iOS: the device will automatically connect with the first IDBLUE device it finds paired via Bluetooth.
  • Tag Read/Write – Depending on what reader you are connected to, it will display specific information on a scanned tag.
    • IDBLUE.HF Reader:
      • Tag ID – displays the scanned Tag ID.
      • Read Tag – displays the scanned TagID and reads first memory block data (either 4 ASCII or 8 HEX characters).
      • Write Tag – displays the scanned TagID and writes first memory block data (either 4 ASCII or 8 HEX characters).
    • IDBLUE.UHF Reader:
      • Read EPC – displays 12 ASCII characters from the EPC Memory Bank
      • Write EPC – writes 12 ASCII characters to the EPC Memory Bank
  • Reader Summary – Displays hardware and firmware version information and battery level percentage.
  • Reader Setup Able to change setup or configuration settings.
    • Set Configurable Properties including:
      • Enable or Disable Buzzer or Action Button
      • Timeouts for Bluetooth, RFID Continuous Scanning, and Duplicate Elimination
      • Default values for block index, data, count [HF Only]
    • Factory Reset to reset back to default property values
    • Connected and Disconnected modes of operation
    • Continuous Scan or Hold to Scan scanning modes
    • and more described in the IDBLUE SPI Documentation.
  • IDBLUE User Guide : View the IDBLUE User Guide from our website.
  • Demo Video : View our YouTube video of how easy it is to start using our reader from our IDBLUE RFID application.
  • Contact : Contact information for  inquiries via phone, email, or website.
  • Request a Reader : Submit an IDBLUE Reader Request form to our Sales Team.

How to Connect to an IDBLUE Reader:

  • Pair our reader via Bluetooth.
    • Go to Bluetooth Settings screen under Settings > Bluetooth
    • Touch  “Search For  Devices”. It should show a “Discovering…” section of new devices found.
    • Put the reader in Bluetooth Discovery mode by pressing the rear Power Button when powered on and unconnected. In Discovery mode, the rear Status LED will switch to a blinking blue LED for 2 minutes. During this time, it should be detected and show up in the “Discovering…” section.
    • Select the reader you want to pair with and it should show a “Pairing” status. If prompted for a passcode, enter the default passcode “0000”.
    • When finished, it should show up in the “Paired Devices” list.
  • Start IDBLUE RFID and connect to a reader.
    • iOS: The app will automatically connect to the first IDBLUE reader in the Bluetooth Settings Menu
    • Android: The app will display a dropdown list of Bluetooth devices. Select the reader you want to connect to and touch [Connect]. The application will attempt to communicate with the reader and if successful, the Status LED will go from magenta (Unconnected) to blue (Connected).
  • You should now have access to all the features of the application.