Frequently Asked Questions / Can I export HF/UHF tag data with IDBLUE devices?

You can export data from a tag to an application. If you need to read the HF tag’s UID or UHF tag’s EPC data, you can do it via

  • our Bluetooth SPP profile RFID devices using our software offerings (mentioned below) or
  • our Bluetooth HID profile RFID devices which integrate as a Bluetooth keyboard wedge across all supported platforms.

If you need something else from tag memory, it would require our IDBLUE SDK to be integrated within an application. To choose which Bluetooth Profile RFID device required for your project, it would depend on your timeline and your in-house development support.

On our IDBLUE Software page, we offer a Keyboard Wedge for Windows and Keyboard Wedge for Android which both send the HF tag UID or UHF EPC data via our SPP profile devices to any program as text output. We also provide Toolkits/SDK’s for integration into .NET, Android and iOS applications.

NOTE: Since iOS doesn’t allow native background processing (for keyboard wedge functionality as a background process), Developers using our SPP version devices would have to integrate our IDBLUE Driver/SDK into an existing iOS application to get the same information on your platform. Alternately, you can use the IDBLUE HID version to display tag information in any application.

For more information, contact our IDBLUE Sales Team.

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