IDBLUE Frequently Asked Questions

If any of these questions don’t seem to apply to your issue, please contact IDBLUE Support and we can walk you through any issues you might be encountering.

Google Android

When using the HID version of IDBLUE devices, I don’t have the onscreen keyboard anymore!

This is a known issue with HID profile devices in general. Our IDBLUE HID profile device is recognized as a secondary keyboard and, by default, a smartphone may disable viewing the onscreen keyboard.


You can toggle the onscreen keyboard by pressing the power button when connected.


Once you pair with the IDBLUE HID device:

  • Go to Settings and select “Language and input”.
  • Click on “Default” (Or “Current Keyboard” in Android 5.0+) located just under the “Keyboard and input methods” heading to open the “Choose input method” dialog.
  • Turn the “Hardware physical keyboard” OFF (or on Android 5.0+, it’s referred to “Hardware: Show input method”.

This setting will toggle the onscreen keyboard when you select a text field when paired with our HID profile device. If you have any other questions, please contact IDBLUE Support.