Frequently Asked Questions / Do I need to do anything before submitting an App to iTunes Store with support for IDBLUE devices?

When working with any MFI accessory, the end user must register their app with the accessory manufacturer first as we need to whitelist your iOS app before you can submit it to the Apple App Store for approval. This is a requirement by Apple and stated in the iOS Developer Program License Agreement (as of  6/10/13).

iOS Accessories:
3.3.27 Your Application may interface, communicate, or otherwise interoperate with or control an
iOS Accessory (as defined above) through Bluetooth or Apple’s 30-pin dock connector only if

  • (i) such iOS Accessory is licensed under Apple’s MFi Licensing Program at the time that You initially submit Your Application,
  • (ii) the MFi Licensee has added Your Application to a list of those approved for interoperability with their iOS Accessory, and
  • (iii) the MFi Licensee has received approval from the Apple MFi Licensing Program for such addition.

You must supply IDBLUE with information regarding your App which we must register with Apple for approval  before your app will be whitelisted.


  • Your application must only start communication between your app and IDBLUE readers on an explicit action in the UI. It cannot auto­start upon connect and it must stop whenever the user stops using your application.
  • com.idblue.r8 is the only external accessory protocol that can be used by 3rd party apps. Make sure this is listed in your Info.plist in the UISupportedExternalAccessoryProtocols array.
  • After we have confirmed whitelisting of your app, you will need to add the following information to the “Review Notes” section of your Apple app submission: MFI PPID 111609-0001

NOTE: Your iOS app does not need to be re-whitelisted every time you release an update. However, we do reserve the right to remove an application from our whitelist if it appears that the app no longer meets requirements.

What are “Whitelisted” apps?

A key aspect of Mobile Application Management (MAM) is Whitelisted apps. Whitelisted apps are applications manufacturers/developers have deemed as safe to use on iPads and iPhones (Apple iOS devices) or Android phones and tablets.

What is the reason for “Whitelisting” apps?

Whitelisted apps are added to ensure that the applications being used are in fact the authorized apps and not malicious or otherwise inappropriate. These apps can be the same for all users or can be unique to each individual device group.

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