Frequently Asked Questions / Do you have a plugin for Adobe AIR or Apache Cordova?

We don’t directly support an API/plugin for Adobe Air or Apache Cordova but if you have access to the Bluetooth SPP profile of our device, you can send and receive commands to the device directly. You can read our IDBLUE Serial Interface Specification on our IDBLUE Documentation page on how to send and receive firmware commands. As well, you can refer to our IDBLUE Developer Toolkit for Google Android on our IDBLUE Software page which includes our IDBLUE JAR driver and sample JAVA Eclipse application.

If you are using our reader to return HF’s Tag UID or UHF’s EPC bank similar to a keyboard wedge, our devices now support the Bluetooth HID Profile which might be a better fit for your solution. It requires no driver/development and is configured to connect using the Bluetooth HID Profile as an Input Device. The device will send the information using the keyboard buffer and automatically inserts it into the current focused text field.

For more information, please contact IDBLUE Support.

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