Frequently Asked Questions / I have established connection to the device and having successful reads. However, the information of my reads is not being communicated back to my host application.

For Developers:

When developing this can happen for a few reasons:

  • The IDBLUE device sends the information back to the host application asynchronously via the established Bluetooth connection. Ensure that the connection is active and that the application is properly processing the asynchronous information from the IDBLUE device. Refer to the IDBLUE Firmware Interface Guide on our IDBLUE Documentation page for more information.
  • The IDBLUE device must be configured in a Connected Mode to retrieve the asynchronous tag information. Refer to the section Connected Operating Mode in our IDBLUE Users Guide on our IDBLUE Documentation page for more information.

For End Users:

This can happen due to improper device configuration settings. Please try power cycling your device and retry. If that doesn’t work, please try a Factory Reset which can be done from our IDBLUE RFID app. This will reset all configurable device properties back to their default settings.

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