Frequently Asked Questions / I plugged in my IDBLUE device for charging over a wall unit, but the Device Status LED does not indicate charging.

The charging circuitry is not receiving power or is defective.

  • Ensure that the wall electrical outlet has power. To confirm, switch to another wall outlet.
  • You may have a defective/non-compliant USB wall charger. To confirm, switch with a compliant USB 2.0+ dedicated wall charger.
  • You may have a defective USB cable. To confirm, switch the USB cable with a known good cable.
  • Try connecting the device to a computer using a USB cable to charge the device from the computer’s USB port.

If all else fails, you may have a device with defective charging circuitry. Please contact IDBLUE support for additional help as the device may be defective and should be returned to be repaired.

Posted in: Device Troubleshooting