Frequently Asked Questions / My IDBLUE device isn’t powering on or charging. Help!

For more information, please see our IDBLUE User’s Guide on the IDBLUE Documentation page.

Diagnosing Battery Issues:

A good battery should be able to charge up to 100% battery level and maintain 90%+ for over 30 minutes. You can check battery level by:

  • using the IDBLUE RFID app on Android or iOS,
  • IDBLUE¬†Manager Dashboard tab,
  • doing a Get_Status API call.

Our devices are not fully charged when shipped to maintain battery performance. Once a device is received from IDBLUE, it should be charged fully before using for the first time to maintain battery integrity. The device is not designed for long term storage and should be checked and charged approximately every 2 months to check battery level.

The battery status visual indicator on the Device Status LED is designed to show the following colors (for scale, approximately 8 hour usage time on a fully charged device):

  • 5 hrs = Green (Over 65% battery level)
  • 2.5 hrs = Yellow (between 35% and 65% battery level)
  • 0.5 hrs = Red (Under 35% battery level)

When getting an accurate battery level reading, it’s best to read it via a Bluetooth connection as when plugged in via USB, it boosts the battery voltage reading due to charging. Once the device stops charging after reaching 100%, it will not show any Device Status LED (when powered off and plugged in) or it won’t hold the battery status color (when powered on). If the Device Status LED ever shows red when powered on or not able to power on itself, the battery is low enough to require charging asap.

Optimally charging our device with a Windows OS USB port will require the device to be able to turn on and enumerate. If the device cannot turn on and cannot enumerate, Windows restricts the charge rate to 20% of it’s capacity. A suspected bad battery (or a critically low battery level) device should be tested/charged with a dedicated USB charger as soon as possible.

The batteries inside our devices are not user-serviceable. If you have a device with a compromised battery, you can contact IDBLUE Support to inquire about our battery replacement services.

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