Frequently Asked Questions / What software tools are available for IDBLUE devices?

IDBLUE provides multiple software packages as a free download for use with IDBLUE RFID reader:

  • IDBLUE Developer’s Toolkit: A toolkit to be used by developers of RFID applications. The toolkit contains:
    • Drivers and sample applications with source code for Visual Studio.NET® development
    • Developer Documentation including a Developer’s Guide and .NET Reference Guide
    • USB Driver for charging IDBLUE devices from a computer
  • IDBLUE Demonstration Package: A number of demonstration applications to showcase the use of IDBLUE devices. These include:
    • An Asset Management demonstration for Windows Mobile®
    • An RFID Workflow demonstration for Windows Mobile®
  • IDBLUE Serial API Document: For developers using a platform other than Visual Studio .NET. IDBLUE also provides the Serial API Document which provides the required information to communicate directly with an IDBLUE device. It’s available on our IDBLUE Documentation page

The IDBLUE software packages may be downloaded from our Drivers/Software page.

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