Frequently Asked Questions / When using the HID version of IDBLUE devices, I don’t have the onscreen keyboard anymore!

This is a known issue with HID profile devices in general. Our IDBLUE HID profile device is recognized as a secondary keyboard and, by default, a smartphone may disable viewing the onscreen keyboard.


You can toggle the onscreen keyboard by pressing the power button when connected.


Once you pair with the IDBLUE HID device:

  • Go to Settings and select “Language and input”.
  • Click on “Default” (Or “Current Keyboard” in Android 5.0+) located just under the “Keyboard and input methods” heading to open the “Choose input method” dialog.
  • Turn the “Hardware physical keyboard” OFF (or on Android 5.0+, it’s referred to “Hardware: Show input method”.

This setting will toggle the onscreen keyboard when you select a text field when paired with our HID profile device. If you have any other questions, please contact IDBLUE Support.

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