RTLS Proves Valuable for Offshore Marine Base

Local integrator, IDBLUE, installs system from Zebra Enterprise Solutions (ZES).

In late June, Zebra Technologies and IDBLUE jointly announced that A. Harvey & Co. Ltd. has implemented an integrated technology solution to locate and monitor containers at its offshore marine base in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. IDBLUE, an operating unit of Cathexis Innovations Inc., is an RFID solution and consulting company offering a range of RFID solutions, services, and products aimed at the aerospace, oil & gas, and industrial markets.

A. Harvey, a leading supplier of support services to the Canadian Marine and offshore oil and gas industries, is employing the solution following a successful pilot program. IDBLUE, a ZES channel partner with complete system integration capabilities from consulting to implementation, is overseeing the development, delivery and support of the solution.

IDBLUE VP of Services, Jeff Brown, told SCAN/DCR, “There are a number of drillers in Newfoundland. Often, it is many miles to the drilling rigs. A. Harvey realizes the importance of tracking and monitoring shipments to and from the drilling sites. In the first stage, we are installing an active RFID and RTLS system to track containers. These containers come in 30 different form factors, and if lost, are very costly.